30 Nov 2022

The sales branch of Russia Television and Radio, Sovtelexport company, is adjusting to challenges of new reality by enhancing its distribution activity at content markets in Asia and Middle East.

In September, for the first time ever holding's updated catalogue was presented at the Broadcast Worldwide online market in South Korea. The participation was organised by the ROSKINO company under Russian Content Worldwide joint stand. Distributors from China, Japan, Mongolia, The Philippines, Spain and Indonesia are considering adventure drama "Elizaveta" for purchasing.

Sovtelexport continued cooperating with ROSKINO in October. The company took part in the TIFFCOM online market in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, VOD platforms from Japan and South Korea are considering purchasing rights for dramas "The Blood Widow" and "Elizaveta". During the market, broadcasting rights for the latter were also sold to a South Korean distributor.

In terms of restrictions on Russian companies participation in MIPCOM, RTRs titles were presented by its partner - SENE Media. Buyers were highly interested in drama series "Elizaveta", "The Blood Widow", "The Son", "The Stenographer".

Sovtelexport successfully finished the season with offline participation in Dubai International Content Market, which took place 23-24 November. The participation was masterfully organised by the ROSKINO company. At Russia Television and Radio stand, over 30 meetings were held with representatives from India, Morocco, Bangladesh, UAE, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka. Agreements were reached on historical series lineup to be shown in Arabic on YouTube in UAE.A distributor from Sri Lanka is considering acquiring best Russian series lineup for broadcasting in the country. A company from Morocco is interested in purchasing melodramas and family dramas.The largest holding ientv which includes 23 educational channels is reviewing a wide selection of documentaries by Russia Television and Radio. Indian distributors expressed interest in thrillers and action projects. The major industry player ZEE Entertainment is considering multi-episode melodramas and feature films for further licensing. Buyers showed common interest in documentaries on culture, nature and science.

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